I want to share an experience about learning piano when I was a child. When I was in primary school, my mother suddenly took me to piano class. At the beginning, I didn’t know the fun of learning piano. I always thought that my mother wanted me to study piano. But when I really came into contact with the piano and gradually became familiar with some piano scores, I found that playing the piano made me have a sense of achievement. Because I think I will never be able to pop up many familiar songs and get praise from teachers. These reasons make me feel very successful. During the period of learning piano, I would arrive at the piano room early to practice the music I learned every week. During this period, I feel that my interest in piano has reached the highest level. I will seriously remember what the piano teacher taught in each class, and use the time after class to stay in the piano room to practice.But this happy time is not very long. In China, when children reach the third grade, the curriculum will become more difficult and heavier. Children need to invest more time in learning, otherwise it may lead to poor learning in higher grades. I also had to stop learning piano. I have never been in touch with piano in my later study. In my opinion, it’s a pity that I didn’t insist on learning piano. Even if learning piano is just a hobby, it is also a skill or characteristic that can be represented a person. Moreover, it is also a test of perseverance if we stick to it under the condition of heavy study.

This is a short story that I want to share with you guys.