Hi, this is the interactive resource that provide by other topic (Covid-19) group members. This topic is interesting. Students may be interested in learning this cell which is disturb our lives for almost 2 years. At the same time, biology is an interesting subject. The composition and combination of some cells can cultivate students’ interest in biology through computer learning or experiential learning.


Strengths of your Interactive Resource

First of all, when I browsed it for the first time, I thought your layout was very clear. There are pictures of the topics you want to introduce and links to some videos. The whole information is very organized. Secondly, I think what you said is very clear. You are aiming at students from 6 to 8. Let them know more about biology in the current popular things. At the same time, in part of the content, group discussion and questioning are used to sublimate and review the knowledge learned in class. The video introduction before each class can also give students a direct understanding of this cell.

Potential Ways to Improve your Interactive Resource

In my opinion, explaining the concept of cells may be a little difficult for students in grades 6 to 8. For senior and even college students, the content of this part can be more in-depth. Because I think senior and college students have the basis of biology, can better understand the principle of cells. Because the structure of this kind of cell and Some cell terms may be more complex and difficult to understand, there may be understanding problems for lower grade students. We an make the setting more simple and clear, so that some lower grade students can understand covid-19 virus cells more vividly. Of course, for another group of people (college students) in your group, this is understandable when they choose biology.

Overall, I think this interactive resource done well.